“Just because the sun’s not shining, doesn’t mean it’s raining.”


Everyone experiences the loss of a loved one in different ways.
The death of someone close to us or who has had a marked impact on our lives is surely one of the deepest sense of loss and pain we can experience. There are no words to describe or give comfort.
It is during this time of rawness that you are required to arrange an appropriate farewell.

Planning a funeral can be the opportunity where a family unite and strengthen their bond. It’s a time to gather and grieve, a time to remember, a time to celebrate, a time to honour, and a time to commence the healing process.
While some people have already planned their funeral others rely on their family to do it for them.
I am honoured that you have chosen me as your Celebrant to compose and deliver your final tribute to your loved one.

I can help you during this confronting time.
I will spend time with you to get a feel and gather information that reflects the unique essence of your loved one.
The funeral ceremony is the last loving tribute from family and friends and in particular you as the organiser.
You may wish to add some prayers, poetry or readings, a ritual, favourite music or photos to the ceremony. This can be discussed at meeting.
I will deliver the ceremony in a sensitive and respectful manner.
You can contact me directly on  0431626446