Other Ceremonies


Naming Ceremony is a fulfilling and meaningful experience for all concerned:- in particular parents, godparents or guardian and grandparents. Family relationships are deepened allowing parents and godparents or guardians to become more fully aware of their responsibilities.

You may wish to include a ritual or such items as music or candles in the ceremony.
The ceremony is completed with the Naming Certificate presented to you for safekeeping.
I am happy to further discuss in details the ceremony and any rituals or customs you may wish to incorporate


“Love is not really a mystery. It is a process like anything else. A process that requires trust, effort  focus and commitment by two willing partners”   Elizabeth Bourgeret

Congratulations! You’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together and are ready to make that lifelong commitment.
A commitment does not detract from your intention of aligning your journeys into one path.
This commitment ceremony is your public affirmation of your decision to be lifelong partners. It is a celebration of your love and friendship. And a terrific way to celebrate with family and friends
A commitment ceremony can also be conducted at any place or time you choose.
I’d be delighted to be your Celebrant, listen to your needs and conduct a sensitive and meaningful ceremony

Renewal of Vows

What a great way to celebrate and honour your first commitment of love to each other within the circle of loving family and friends. If you have children and grandchildren it is truly a family affair. Renewal of vows is a wonderful lesson for all optimistic lovers
You may want to use the same vows (longevity and durability proven!) that you made to each other or you may wish to write your personal vows to include share moments and a continued joyful life together.
I am very happy to help you create a theme and carry out your exact wishes in the composition and delivery of your ceremony

Pet Funeral

“(They) will be our friend for always and always and always.” Rudyard Kipling

To most the passing of a pet is an enormous loss. A pet might be the only family connection. Loosing a loved pet is loosing our best friend and a member of our family.
Pets enrich our lives beyond measure. And give us unconditional love
I would be privileged to compose and deliver a sensitive ceremony so that your pet is remembered with love and dignity.

Events such as:

Significant Birthdays, Anniversaries or Retirements:
Why not celebrate that special life milestone or transition with the prominence that it deserves?
I would be delighted to help you celebrate your achievements with the recognition that it ought to have. Enjoy and have control of your celebration or make it a joyous occasion for the recipient capturing the moment filled with shared happiness.

Book Launch:
What a fantastic way for your talents, gift of creativity and your labour of love be acknowledged and given due credit. I would be very pleased to help you with your personal or collective launch ceremony.

“Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow.” Dan Rather
Divorce is a public acknowledgement of the end of a relationship. It’s a threshold between one part of a life and another.
A time of reflection and confusion. Sometimes it seems very difficult to accept and move forward. Some see it as an enormous loss. Others accept the inevitable. It can be bitter or civil.
Whatever the circumstances closure on that chapter of a life is important.
Having symbolic rituals with a personal composed ceremony (if desired) are found to be most beneficial with the healing and moving on process.
I am happy to compose and deliver your ceremony to facilitate with your move forward.